The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 by Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson (Full text)

The Philippine Islands is a monumental 55-volume book by Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson. It consists of primary source documents for Philippine history translated into English.

Electronic copies of the book in text format for vols. 1-52 are available from Project Gutenberg, while scanned copies of the pages for the whole set are available from the University of Michigan Digital Library.

Printed, CD-ROM, and microfilm version are also available in the Library.

For online reading:

Primary Sources in Philippine History. Volume 1 to 55, including bibliography and analytical index.

For e-book download:

Project Gutenberg. Volume 1 to 52. Available with images in HTML, EPUB, Kindle, and plain text format.

  1. Volume I: 1493-1529
  2. Volume II: 1521-1569
  3. Volume XLIX: 1762-1765
  4. Volume L: 1764-1800
  5. Volume LI: 1801-1840
  6. Volume LII: 1841-1898

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