Signing of Library Clearance

Schedule of Availability of Service

Monday to Saturday

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without noon break

Who may avail of the Service:

Constituents of the University (students, members of the Faculty, REPS, administrative staff)

What are the basic requirements:

1. Clearance Form

2. Accomplished Clearance slip

Duration: 9 minutes


How to Avail of the Service: Signing of Library Clearance
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(Under Normal Circumstances)
Person In-Charge Fees Form
1 Present Clearance Form duly signed by unit/college library  Verify information indicated in the Clearance Form 2 minutes Library staff   Clearance Form
2   Check and verify from the Delinquent Database (DLQ)for any library accountability 2 minutes Library staff    
3 Fill out Clearance Slip Check for accuracy of information indicated  3 minutes Library staff   Clearance slip
    Sign on behalf of the University Librarian (box for the University Library)  1 minute      
4 Receive duly signed Clearance Form Release duly signed Library Clearance 1 minute