Photocopying of library material

Schedule of Availability of Service

Monday to Saturday

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without noon break

Who may avail of the Service*

UP students, members of the faculty, REPS, administrative personnel

What are the basic requirements:

1. Valid ID (countersigned for the current semester)

2. Temporary library card (if borrower is yet to be issued the polaroid ID)

Duration:  5 minutes


How to Avail of the Service:          
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(Under Normal Circumstances)
Person In-Charge Fees Form
1 Fill out Photoduplication Permit   2 minutes     Photoduplication Permit
2 Present material for photocopying and hand in filled out photocopying permit to library staff Check and verify for accuracy and completeness of information 1 minute Library staff    
3 Wait for the approval of request for photocopying Approve (stamp with date and time of release) request for photocopying 1 minute Library staff    
4 Receive approved photoduplication permit together with the material for photocopying Hand-in approved photoduplication permit and material for photocopying 1 minute Library staff