New Remote Access to UP Diliman Electronic Resources [BETA]

The University Library announced the soft launching of the new Remote Access for UP Diliman Electronic Resources via EZProxy on 7 November 2017 during the Koleksyong Filipiniana: Pinakamahusay na mga Pamamaraan forum. EZproxy is a web proxy software that enables the user to gain remote access to UP Diliman Electronic Resources (except college-based databases) via a one-time login. This service is on BETA TESTING.
  1. Login with your DilNet (iLib, CRS, UVLê) username and password.
  2. Select the electronic database you wish to access.


If you do not have a DilNet account

You need a DilNet account to access online library services like EZproxy. If you do not have a DilNet account, please follow this flowchart from the DilNet helpdesk regarding the registration of DilNet account.


Invalid account when logging in Ezproxy

  1. Check if your iLib account is active. Log-in to then try logging into the EZproxy website again. If you cannot login to iLib or EZproxy, proceed to step 2
  2. Check if you are properly tagged as enrolled. Log-in to If unsuccessful, contact the UP Office of Admissions at local 4555.
  3. Check if your DilNet account is active. Log-in to If unsuccessful or your username is still a student number, call UP Computer Center at local 2050.
  4. Visit your College Library and have them check if your iLib account is active via the Circulations module. If inactive, the librarian in-charge has to call the Main Library Data Center at local 2864 and request for activation.
If all of this has already been accomplished but you are still unable to access EZproxy, visit your College Library and have the librarian in-charge call the Main Library Data Center to request for assistance.

Security certificate 

If you encounter an issue wherein the web browsers blocks access to databases using the secured HTTP (HTTPS) protocol via EZproxy, please follow these steps:
For GOOGLE CHROME: Dealing with "Privacy Error"
1. Click "Advanced".
2. Click "Proceed to... (unsafe)".
For FIREFOX: Dealing with "Insecure Connection"
1. Click "Advanced".

2. Click "Accept the Risk and Continue".

Images Not Loading in APS Journals and PROLA Databases

When browsing APS Journals and APS Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA), the styling and images might not load.
  1. Log into EZproxy as usual.
  2. Open a new tab and go to
  3. Follow Security Certificate troubleshooting instructions above.
  4. You will be redirected to an XML file as seen in the image below. You may now close this tab, go back to the EZproxy tab and click ‘APS Journals’ or 'APS Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA)'. The database should work normally.


Bad certificate

If you encounter an issue wherein Google Chrome or Chronium-based browsers (Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi) blocks downloading PDFs due to 'bad certificate', try accessing the download using the Firefox browser.

File missing: docs/suspend.htm

The error message "File missing: docs/suspend.htm" is displayed when a user downloads excessive amounts of material in a short span of time. These restrictions in our proxy server prevent excessive automated downloading or other spoof mechanisms and are necessary because of our license agreement with vendors. 
When you see this message, it means you have exceeded the downloading limit allowance of 200 MB per 2 hours. Generally, you can opt to wait for about 2 hours for your connection to be restored.
We love to hear your feedback on this service. Please contact us via email at or via telephone no. 8-981-8500 local 2861 (Information Services and Instruction Section).