Directory of MARC Organization Codes for University of the Philippines Libraries




UP Diliman MARC Codes (MARC Tag 040)

iLib Location Codes

No Code Description
1 DASP Archaeological Studies Program
2 DAC Asian Center home page here
3 DAIT Asian Institute of Tourism home page here
4 CAL-GGRR CAL - Gonzalo Gonzalez Reading Room
5 DMUE Center for Ethno Musicology
6 CIDS Center for Integrative and Development Studies
7 DCIS Center for International Studies
8 DCNS Center for Nationalist Studies Library
9 UCWS Center for Women's Studies home page here
10 DARC College of Architecture
11 DCAL College of Arts and Letters home page here
12 DEDUC College of Education
13 DENG College of Engineering Library I home page here
14 DENG-II College of Engineering Library II home page here
15 DCFA College of Fine Arts
16 DCHE College of Home Economics
17 DCHK College of Human Kinetics home page here
18 DLAW College of Law home page here
19 DMC College of Mass Communication
20 DMUS College of Music home page here
21 DSCI College of Science home page here
22 DSWCD College of Social Work & Community Development home page here
23 DDLL Department of Linguistics Library (CSSP)
24 DIB Institute of Biology
25 DIC Institute of Chemistry
26 DIESM Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology
27 DIS Institute of Islamic Studies home page here
28 DIM Institute of Mathematics
29 ISSI Institute of Small Scale Industries
30 DVAR Jorge B. Vargas Museum - Filipiniana Research Center home page here
31 CAT Main Library: Cataloging Section
32 DMLF Main Library: Filipiniana Book Section
33 FISER Main Library: Filipiniana Serials Section
34 DMLP Main Library: Foreign Serials Section
35 DMLR Main Library: General Reference Section
36 DMLM Main Library: Media Services Section
37 DMLS Main Library: Social Sciences Section
38 DMLSP Main Library: Special Collections
39 DARCHIVES Main Library: University Archives and Records Depository
40 DMSI Marine Science Institute home page here
41 DMSEP Material Science and Engineering Program
42 NCTS National Center for Transportation Studies
43 DCPA National College of Public Administration and Governance home page here
44 DISMED National Institute for Science & Mathematics Education Development
45 DGEO National Institute of Geological Sciences
46 DIMBB National Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
47 DNIP National Institute of Physics
48 DPOP Population Institute
49 DECON School of Economics home page here
50 DSOLAIR School of Labor and Industrial Relations home page here
51 DLS School of Library and Information Studies home page here
52 DSTC School of Statistics
53 DSURP School of Urban and Regional Planning home page here
54 TMC Technology Management Center
55 TWSC Third World Studies Center
56 DBUS UP Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business home page here
57 UPEPP UP Extension Program in Pampanga
58 DVAN Vanguard Library


UP Baguio

No Code Description
1 ARCHIVES Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
2 GRC Graduate Resource Center
3 KTRC Knowledge and Training Resource Center
4 MAIN Main Library


UP Manila

No Code Description
1 CAMP College of Allied Medical Professions
2 CASM College of Arts and Sciences
3 DENT College of Dentistry
4 MED College of Medicine
5 NURS College of Nursing
6 PHARM College of Pharmacy
7 CPH College of Public Health
8 MAIN Main Library home page here
9 NTTC National Teacher Training Center for the Health Profession
10 SHS School of Health Sciences (Palo, Leyte)
11 UPMARD UP Manila Archives home page here


UP Los Baños

No Code Description
1 ADMIN Administrator Group
2 DARC Diliman College of Architecture
3 LBCA UPLB College of Agriculture
4 LBCAASC UPLB College of Agriculture-Agricultural Systems Cluster
5 LBCACPC UPLB College of Agriculture-Crop Protection Cluster
6 LBCAS UPLB College of Arts and Sciences
7 LBCDC UPLB College of Development Communication
8 LBCEM UPLB College of Economics and Management
9 LBCEAT UPLB College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology
10 LBCFNR UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources
11 LBCHE UPLB College of Human Ecology
12 LBCPAf UPLB College of Public Affairs and Development
13 LBCVM UPLB College of Veterinary Medicine
14 LBCACSC UPLB Collge of Agriculture-Crop Science Cluster
15 LBML UPLB Main Library home page here
16 LBMLA UPLB Main Library Acquisitions Section
17 LBMLC UPLB Main Library Cataloging Section
18 LBMLF UPLB Main Library Filipiniana Section home page here
19 LBMLLC UPLB Main Library Learning Commons
20 LBMLR UPLB Main Library Reserve Section home page here
21 LBMLS UPLB Main Library Serials Section home page here
22 LBMLSC UPLB Main Library Special Collections Section home page here
23 LBMNH UPLB Museum of Natural History
24 LBBIOTECH UPLB National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
25 LBPHTRC UPLB Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center
26 LBRH UPLB Rural High School
27 LBSESAM UPLB School of Environmental Science and Management


UP Visayas

No Code Description
1 CAS Ref CAS Ref./Serials Section
2 IA IA Library (Miagao)
3 IFPDS IFPDS Library (Miagao)
4 IFPT IFPT Library (Miagao)
5 IMFO IMFO Library (Miagao)
6 TECH Technical Section
7 CFOS UPV CFOS Library (Miagao)
8 CWVS UPV CWVS Book Collection (Iloilo City)
9 GRADUATE SCHOOL UPV Graduate Library (Iloilo City)
10 HIGH SCHOOL UPV High School (Iloilo City)
11 LP UPV Language Program (Iloilo City)
12 Archives UPV Library Archives (Iloilo City)
13 ILOILO CITY UPV Library, Iloilo City
14 MAIN UPV Main Library (Miagao)
15 Media UPV Media Services
16 OVCRE UPV OVCRE Library (Miagao)



UP Cebu

No Code Description
1 CEBU UP Cebu
2 Cebu-SRP UP Cebu-SRP


UP Mindanao

No Code Description
1 CHSS UP Mindanao - College of Humanities and Social Sciences home page here
2 CSM UP Mindanao - College of Science and Mathematics home page here
3 MAIN UP Mindanao - Main Library home page here
4 SOM UP Mindanao - School of Management home page here


UP Open University

No Code Description
1 LC Baguio UP Open University Learning Center Baguio
2 LC Cebu UP Open University Learning Center Cebu
3 LC Davao UP Open University Learning Center Davao
4 LC Diliman UP Open University Learning Center Diliman
5 LC Iloilo UP Open University Learning Center Iloilo
6 LC Los Baños UP Open University Learning Center Los Baños
7 LC Manila UP Open University Learning Center Manila
8 UPOU-LIB UP Open University Library home page here



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