Research Made Easy @ Your Library : A Library Orientation Program


The UP Main Library will be holding a series of library orientations for faculty members dubbed as "Research Made Easy @ Your Library®"  on  June 22 and 29, 2010 at the Main Library and  CAL Library, respectively. 

This library program was specifically developed for faculty members of the University. It aims to:

1) familiarize UP faculty members with the new library facilities, programs, collections and services;

2) acquaint them with easy access and use of the online subscriptions; and,

3) update them with the new features of the UP University Library website and Integrated Library System (iLib).

Along with the orientation, the University Library will launch its brand statement and badge as well as the new face of its official website. In addition, there will be a book fair at the Main Library from 22-25 June 2010 wherein faculty members can browse and select titles for purchase by your library.