UP LibraryDelinquent Database
This online database provides a consolidated list of delinquent library users from all U.P. Constituent Universities.

The database consists of records exported from the iLib database from the different U.P. Constituent Universities and records converted from the old CDS/ISIS Delinquent database consolidated by the U.P. Diliman University Library Computer Services Staff.

Access to this site is strictly limited to authorized library staff only.
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What's New?
2011-04-13 16:22:30

  • Diliman Users: Please take note that the DLQ database now automatically updates accountabilities (i.e., overdue books, unpaid fines, unsettled lost books) incurred by users based on the iLib circulation transactions.
  • Updates are implemented only once daily (early morning). This means you don't have to manually add/encode accountabilities manually from this database. You are advised to use the "Backlog Transaction" in the Circulation module of iLib for unrecorded transactions. Unsettled accountabilities will be reflected in the DLQ database the following day.
  • However, for accounts settled by users (e.g., returned overdue book, paid fines, settled lost book) on iLib Circulation, these will be reflected (cleared) immediately (within a minute) in the DLQ database.
  • In short, you are to manually add/encode ONLY accountabilities in the DLQ database that are not possible to be recorded in iLib, such as: long overdue books where the Student/Faculty/Staff has no record in iLib; Information (e.g., Accession #) about the book is not recorded in iLib; or for accountabilities other than overdue books, unpaid fines, or unsettled lost materials.
2010-10-26 19:42:13

  • DLQ Masterlist can now be generated anytime from the database. No need to wait for an uploaded file. Data will be fetched directly from the database and exported in MS Excel format. Visit the Downloads section to get the latest masterlist.
2008-11-04 14:02:31

  • Diliman users: If you are experiencing slow downloads of DLQ masterlist, configure your browser not to use proxy or put the site www.mainlib.upd.edu.ph in your browser's "No proxy" section.
2008-10-31 12:01:01

  • Authorized staff can now merge Borrower accounts. Multiple entries of borrower accounts, e.g., different Borrower's ID but the same name, can now be merged into one. Use the Bookmarking facility for this function.

  • New Masterlist uploaded. Go to the Downloads section to get the latest DLQ list.
2008-06-01 15:03:14

  • Announcing the availability of the Delinquent Online Database today, October 28, 2008.

  • This database will soon be interfaced with the U.P. Integrated Library System (iLib). Please keep posted for further developments.

  • This database system is still a Beta version. Please report bugs to cnangeles@up.edu.ph.